Western Massachusetts

Why MGM Springfield?

MGM Springfield provides the region with the opportunity of a lifetime to revive its urban core.

MGM Springfield celebrates Springfield as a "Gateway City" and intends to return Springfield to the economic engine that it was once when Western Massachusetts flourished.

Our unique urban design will be the anchor that encourages new tourism, culture and civic pride throughout Springfield and the region.

How many jobs will this create, and will people who live outside of Springfield be hired?

MGM Springfield's plan will generate more than 3,000 permanent direct jobs, more than 2,000 construction related jobs, and thousands of indirect jobs. MGM Resorts made a commitment early on that 90% of the permanent jobs will be staffed by a combination of Springfield and regional residents.

Will MGM Springfield partner with regional businesses?

MGM Springfield is committed to partnering with small and family-owned businesses throughout Western Massachusetts to provide goods and services for the new entertainment district. MGM will look to strengthen the local economy and local businesses by offering $50 million in biddable goods annually in local procurement opportunities. MGM has been working closely with the local and regional Chambers of Commerce and other business associations to ensure that local businesses are informed of these opportunities available through the MGM Springfield project.

What are the regional economic benefits of the MGM Springfield project?

MGM Springfield is committed to working collaboratively with organizations to promote tourism, hospitality and entertainment in cooperation with the strong existing assets of Western Massachusetts. MGM is working hard to build a foundation based on a strong understanding of Western Massachusetts assets and values that will bring the most economic development opportunities to the region.

How will MGM Springfield be a good neighbor to Western Massachusetts towns and cities?

In every community that MGM calls home, a common set of values define our development and operation: diversity and inclusion among our employees and customers; philanthropy and community engagement; and environmental responsibility and sustainability. An important dimension of MGM Resorts' history and character is its commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility. MGM is committed to the communities that host and surround our projects. We find the greatest return on investment to be a combination of time, talent, and volunteerism in communities where our employees work and live.

The City of Springfield

Why Springfield?

There is enormous opportunity in Springfield to ignite a renaissance in the city and the region. The City of Springfield draws its strength from the people who have been the spirit and motivation for this Western Massachusetts community on the Connecticut River for 375 years. On the heels of a difficult downturn in the economy that threatened Springfield's once thriving downtown, the city was further challenged in June 2011 by a tornado that nearly leveled a section of Downtown Springfield.

While the most tragic memories of that event will never be forgotten, Springfield is a resilient city with determined people who already have begun to set the stage for an epic comeback story. Now, MGM is asking the people of Springfield to allow us the privilege of partnering with you as you write Springfield's next exciting chapter. We are ready to roll up our sleeves and work alongside you, building a downtown renaissance that benefits every neighborhood across the city. From Forest Park to Hungry Hill, 16 Acres to the North End, our project will be focused on bringing jobs and economic development to Springfield residents.

We are excited to help reinvigorate the city by knitting a revitalized downtown and new residential, dining, retail and entertainment district into all parts of the Main Street story. Our vision is to create many economic benefits and opportunities, provide greater stability, and enhance the quality of life in all Springfield's neighborhoods through job creation that leads to wealth generation; securing the brightest future for Springfield and its people.

How can Springfield residents benefit from a casino?

One word: Jobs! The best way to revitalize Springfield is by providing jobs to the people of Springfield and the region. New jobs will be created in industries such as dining, retail, entertainment, finance, and information technology. The folks who work in these areas will operate and manage the diverse amenities that will attract patrons and tourists to Downtown Springfield and beyond.


How many jobs will MGM Springfield create?

MGM Springfield's plan will generate more than 3,000 permanent direct jobs, more than 2,000 construction-related jobs, and thousands of indirect jobs.

How many jobs will be filled from the City of Springfield?

MGM Resorts early on established a hiring goal for MGM Springfield of 35 percent of the workforce from the City of Springfield and 90 percent from a combination of Springfield and the region.

What type of jobs will be created?

MGM is very proud of the quality and kinds of jobs it creates in the communities where it locates. In Springfield, jobs will cover a wide spectrum of career and occupational opportunities from entry level to management, including administration, finance, legal, hotel operations and engineering. The average total compensation will be about $50,000, including tips and benefits. MGM Springfield's mixed-use development approach will lead to hundreds of different job classifications, from those requiring advanced degrees to those simply requiring an engaging, friendly personality and an eagerness to make the MGM experience positive and enjoyable for all guests and patrons. As it has done historically, MGM will place a significant emphasis on local and regional recruitment.

Does total compensation differ by job classification?

Yes, the average total compensation depends on career path, job classification, skills, and prior work experience. MGM is very proud to offer vast opportunities for upward mobility and advancement.

What type of benefits will MGM Springfield offer its employees?

As part of MGM's commitment to its employees and the community, we provide an enviable comprehensive package of pay and benefits to our employees. MGM prides itself on attracting and retaining the highest quality employees through strong compensation and employee benefits packages that focus on health, wellness and prevention. MGM strives to cultivate a healthy workforce through various onsite programs such as Health Coaches, healthy dining options, convenient screenings and paid time-off for wellness exams.

And notably, we honor our veteran employees by offering full pay for active military duty when on active duty combat tour for a declared military action.

We also are committed to providing opportunities for training and apprenticeships that promote education and career. MGM also recognizes and rewards employees who demonstrate excellence in various areas such as guest service and safety initiatives. We believe that our superior benefits and compensation packages will quickly make MGM one of the Commonwealth's best employers.

When will hiring begin for MGM Springfield?

Applications for the sole Western Massachusetts casino license are currently due December 31, 2013 and licenses will be issued sometime in 2014. Upon obtaining a casino license MGM Springfield recruitment would begin in 2015 with job fairs followed by hiring and training prior to a projected late 2016/early 2017 opening.

When will employment training begin for MGM Springfield jobs?

MGM Springfield has partnered with local community colleges (including Holyoke Community College and Springfield Technical Community College), FutureWorks Career Center, CareerPoint and American International College to providing basic employment skills training and interviewing preparation. This training will be available well in advance of the on-the-job training provided by MGM Springfield. Please watch for announcements about their programs.

What is MGM's Boots to Business Program?

MGM's Boot to Business program is a unique recruiting and training program designed to hire veterans into MGM Resorts' management ranks. It was developed by MGM and the American Red Cross in 2011. The training and support program provides veterans with the opportunity to reintegrate and take their military leadership skills into entry-level management positions within the company. Veterans participating in Boots to Business are provided with customized training to help translate their military leadership experience into corporate leadership skills. The 10-12 week program includes training to broaden communication and corporate management skills as well as diversity training. Each veteran is paired with a mentor colleague with military experience. The program was started in part because of the unique training that best benefits veterans and to address the higher unemployment rates among returning military personnel.

Does MGM Resorts offer other Veteran or Military Benefits?

MGM Resorts has been recognized nationally for its support of the military, including the company's unique and innovative "Hero Pay" program. As part of the "Military Leave of Absence Policy" MGM provides qualified veterans with an exceptional range of benefits that it believes to be unprecedented in the industry. For many years, MGM Resorts has been providing company employees called to active military combat action with 100 percent of their base pay plus average tip income for tipped employees only (without offsetting military pay), full health benefits and 401(k) plan. MGM has received numerous awards for going above and beyond legal requirements in its military leave policy. In 2006, it was awarded the Secretary of Defense Employer Support Freedom Award, presented annually to the nation's 15 employers most supportive of the National Guard and Reserve.

Will you be using union labor to build the resort? Will your employees be unionized?

MGM has a longstanding record of working with organized labor in the construction industry to build our projects as well as in operations where we provide good jobs and good wages to our employees. We have every expectation of continuing that record in Massachusetts.

In fact, the Pioneer Valley Building and Construction Trades Council (PVBCTC), Carpenters Local 108 (Local 108,) and MGM entered into an agreement with respect to the construction of the resort casino. This agreement demonstrates MGM's strong commitment to union labor and responsible contractors who provide solid jobs, good benefits and valued skills. MGM has also signed a card check neutrality agreement with the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, International Operating Engineers Union, Unite Here, and the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees to represent the workers inside its operations. The Teamsters, Unite Here and Operating Engineers represent more than 100,000 gaming workers across the country.

City of Springfield Benefits

How much money will this project generate for the City of Springfield?

The Host Community Agreement calls for MGM Resorts to make upfront and advance payments, totaling $15 million to the City of Springfield. The upfront payment will be distributed to the city in installments during the construction phase of the project. When MGM Springfield opens for business, the city will receive in excess of $25 million annually in payments. These monies will be used to enhance public safety, support early childhood education and for general public purposes.

Economic Development

What will MGM Springfield mean to local businesses?

MGM Springfield's vision is founded in part on the premise that it will bring more tourists to Downtown Springfield. Those visitors will stroll by local businesses just as they will the new MGM development. And that is exactly the point. We will provide the people, and local businesses will provide the products. Tourism is key to growing Springfield's existing business base. MGM Springfield can help! MGM is committed to offering the best goods and services to encourage visitors from the region and beyond.

MGM Springfield also will help when it partners with local small and family-owned businesses to provide goods and services for the new entertainment district. MGM has prioritized $50 million in biddable goods annually for local businesses to provide procurement opportunities that will strengthen the local economy and has been endorsed by local and regional Chambers of Commerce representing over 2500 businesses. MGM is committed to making sure that local businesses are given opportunities from the MGM Springfield project.

How do you propose to inspire small business development in the vicinity of the downtown development project?

MGM will actively engage with local small business owners to help them expand and scale their businesses to serve MGM and its guests. MGM views its relationships and partnerships with local small businesses as key to its success in Springfield.

What will MGM Springfield mean to the downtown area?

The proposed plan will bring local and regional customers of all ages to Downtown Springfield. That means opportunities to attract new customers for both new and established local dining, retail and entertainment venues in the downtown are

From a new bowling alley and cinema to the outdoor stage, a variety of restaurant options and dozens of shopping choices, this vibrant district will offer something for everyone – whether it be a family outing or a professional convention. The increased economic activity will result in the addition of thousands of indirect jobs throughout the city.


What type of entertainment will MGM Springfield bring to the city?

MGM International is a world-class entertainment company and one of the nation's largest providers of live entertainment. MGM has unparalleled experience in attracting high-profile, preeminent entertainment to its venues. For example, MGM Resorts has a strategic relationship with Cirque du Soleil, and with seven permanent shows, has more Cirque du Soleil shows than any other operator in the world.

Rather than compete with Springfield's existing entertainment infrastructure, MGM Springfield is planning a strategic partnership between the Massachusetts Convention Center Authority and MGM Resorts International in order to help bring world-class entertainment to the MassMutual Center. We will leverage MGM's vast connections and relationships to help secure additional world-class acts and sporting events at the MassMutual Center in Springfield.

Will MGM Springfield sponsor any entertainment acts in Springfield?

In March, MGM announced it would bring live entertainment acts to Springfield in the coming months. Pitbull performed at the MassMutual Center on Friday May 24 and Professional Bull Riding from the Lucas Oil Touring Pro Series performed there on Friday and Saturday, Sept. 6 and 7. Boyz II Men rounded out the entertainment series at Symphony Hall on Thursday, Oct. 10.

Also, as part of the Host Community Agreement between MGM Resorts and the City of Springfield, MGM has committed to underwrite, co-promote, book and schedule 12 entertainment events per year and spread them across MassMutual Center and Arena, Symphony Hall and City Stage. These events will go forward when MGM Springfield is open for business.

What is MGM Springfield's entertainment square?

MGM Springfield's entertainment square located between Union and Howard streets will offer additional entertainment amenities that will complement the resort, including retail space, food/beverage venues, a state of the art movie theater with six screens, a luxury bowling facility and an outdoor plaza that will feature large dynamic video displays and outdoor areas for events including expeditions, art shows and similar functions.

What type of entertainment does MGM Resorts offer?

MGM Resorts offers a broad and deep entertainment portfolio including sporting events, concerts, comedy and family-style entertainment. In our venues around the world you can find:

- World Class Magicians, Illusionists
- Popular Stand Up Comics
- Interactive Theatre
- An Exotic Shark Reef Aquarium
- A Light and Water Spectacle
- Sports Entertainment (Boxing, MMA)
- Roller-Coaster (NY NY)

Will MGM Springfield support entertainment traditions in Springfield?

MGM will continue to support the entertainment traditions that currently exist in Springfield such as the Bright Nights at Forest Park and Fourth of July Fireworks, the Springfield Armor and Springfield Falcons, as well as activities at local cultural centers.

What is MGM's relationship with Six Flags New England (SFNE)?

MGM and SFNE recently signed an exclusive multi-year joint marketing agreement. The deal designates MGM Springfield as the official casino-resort partner of Six Flags New England. This extends MGM's commitment to work with existing entertainment facilities throughout the region. SFNE will receive significant exposure through MGM Resorts M life program. The M life program, MGM Resorts' proprietary loyalty program will offer specially priced tickets, discount packages and other exclusive offers to M life members. MGM will continue to look for these types of partnerships that have the potential to grow the area's tourism economy.

Public Safety

How will MGM address public safety issues if they arise?

MGM puts a premium on public safety in all of its jurisdictions, and in Springfield has committed to $2.5 million upfront for public safety training and equipment, as well as $2.5 million annually going forward for those efforts. The City has indicated that it will use those payments, in part, to create a new "Downtown Security Unit" consisting of 15 new positions within the police department, as well as new positions and equipment for the fire department as well, in particular, relating to additional EMS services. In addition, MGM Resorts International has some of the nation's leading security experts as part of its security team who will work with local authorities to maintain the best possible coordination among all stakeholders.

MGM prides itself on having state of the art security and surveillance equipment, along with highly trained teams of security professionals with solid track records of working closely with local authorities. That will continue to be the case at MGM Springfield.

Our experience in other jurisdictions working with public safety officials to develop and implement effective public safety plans makes us uniquely positioned to minimize any impacts in Springfield.

Has MGM been endorsed by the public safety community in Springfield?

Yes. MGM Springfield has received the exclusive endorsements of the 370 officers in the Springfield Patrolman's Union, the 215 members of the Springfield Association of Firefighters, the local Correctional Officers Union, and the Springfield Police Supervisor's Union. MGM's dialogue with local public safety officials has enabled it to better understand the needs, concerns and priorities of the public safety community. MGM respects the critical role that these first responders play in keeping the community safe and is committed to building a strong partnership with Police, Fire, EMS and other critical community groups in order to improve the quality of life for all Springfield residents.

With a downtown location covering several blocks and having many entrances, how will MGM secure entrances to the gaming area?

We have purposely designed easy direct access to all of our family-oriented retail and entertainment venues so that adults with children never need to pass near the gaming floor. But should that happen, we also have security professionals at all entrances. MGM has a solid track record of working closely with local authorities to ensure the safest environment for all of our patrons. We are a leader in utilizing the most advanced technology to secure our premises. Our state of the art security and surveillance equipment, along with our highly trained security professionals will ensure that the only people on the gaming floor are adults.

Will MGM work with local law enforcement in Springfield?

The MGM team has been meeting with public safety officials in the city to understand their needs and priorities. We will continue to work closely with Police, Fire, EMS and highway department officials, as well as many others, to create the best plans possible to maintain a safe and welcoming environment in Downtown Springfield.

Responsible Gaming

How does MGM plan to promote socially responsible gaming practices?

MGM Resorts has long endorsed responsible gaming practices in several ways, including employee training, public awareness and funding for research initiatives. In addition to these programs, MGM will have a dedicated space within MGM Springfield as a 24/7 resource for patrons and is working with local churches to develop a network of outreach in the community for those in need of information on available local support services. Finally, MGM will make a significant annual contribution to the state's Public Health Trust Fund to support social service and public health programs dedicated to addressing problems associated with compulsive gambling.

What will MGM do to address increased gambling addiction and other social issues that may result from a casino in Springfield?

MGM has a longstanding commitment to promoting responsible gaming and has historically taken a leadership role nationally on this issue. We believe the Massachusetts law does a very good job in creating the framework and providing the resources to address problem gaming in a truly meaningful way. MGM looks forward to taking the proactive steps to further the cause within the state and the industry. We are committed to demonstrating our commitment to the highest level of ethical and responsible policies and procedures in our gaming practices.

MGM recently committed to work with several local churches in Western Massachusetts to create a regional responsible gaming council in order to address gambling addiction once a casino comes to Western Massachusetts.

Riverfront Park

How will MGM improve Springfield's Riverfront Park?

MGM Springfield has committed to provide the City of Springfield with $1 Million to fund enhancements to Riverfront Park. The grant will be used by the city to improve Riverfront Park. As part of the finalized Host Community Agreement, the ice skating rink - originally planned for the park - will be brought onto MGM Springfield's project site.

MGM will design, install, and maintain this skating rink for public use during the winter season.

DaVinci Park

What are MGM's plans for Springfield's DaVinci Park?

MGM will work cooperatively with the City of Springfield to design and construct improvements to enhance and beautify DaVinci Park at MGM's expense. Such enhancements may include a topiary garden or other landscaping features for the enjoyment of the city's residents and visitors. MGM will relocate the existing park playground equipment to a site selected by the city. MGM will be responsible for continued maintenance of the park.

Site Design

How big is the project and how will it fit into the downtown?

The full development project will be approximately 850,000 square feet of residential, dining, retail and entertainment (including hotel and gaming) facilities and will spread over three city blocks in Downtown Springfield. It helps to understand size by focusing on the location, which is bordered by Union and State streets and Main Street and Columbus Avenue. Once completed, the project will encompass 14.5 acres (about the size of nine football fields) and offer visitors a unique experience with all the amenities of a resort but without the confinement of moving around in a "big box."

What are some of the entertainment amenities that will be available in the new development?

MGM proposes a mixed-use leisure entertainment and office development in Downtown Springfield's South End. The development will include a four-star luxury hotel with 250 guest rooms and 20 VIP suites, 45,000 square feet of meeting and convention space, a 7,000 square-foot spa, as well as 55,000 square feet of retail and restaurant space with multiple diverse food venues ranging from family buffets to MGM signature. MGM's gaming program will include 3,000 slot machines, 100 gaming tables, a poker room and a high-limit VIP gaming area, all in modern design with state of the art equipment and games.

The MGM Springfield development also includes an entertainment square located between Union and Howard streets. It will offer additional entertainment amenities that will complement the resort, including retail space, food/beverage venues, a state of the art movie theater, a luxury bowling facility and an outdoor plaza that will feature large dynamic video displays and outdoor areas for events including expeditions, art shows and similar functions.

What are some of the other amenities that will be available in the new development?

MGM's development will include 54 residential apartments in various configurations up to three bedrooms and 2,000 square feet in size. The project will also include the refurbishment of approximately 85,000 square feet of office space located at 101 State Street. MGM's plan also calls for parking for 3,600 vehicles, further integrating the project into Downtown Springfield and addressing traffic and safety concerns.

Will MGM Springfield hurt local hotel room operators and businesses?

No. MGM Springfield and its amenities have been intentionally designed to complement and support local businesses. We have carefully analyzed the data, and we are confident that with millions of new visitors annually, there will be sufficient excess customer demand to benefit all local hotel operators. Similarly, we are proposing just 45,000 square feet of meeting and convention space, which is a modest number designed to complement the MassMutual Center, which we view as one of our most important partners. We have the same view of local restaurant and retail operators and expect to create more customer demand from our site than we can accommodate, thus creating a spillover effect for the surrounding community.

What are the benefits of having an "inside-out" urban casino resort rather than a self-contained "big-box" project?

Unlike an inward-focused, self-contained gaming project, the shops and restaurants will be open to Main Street, allowing tourists to enjoy the shops and restaurants without having to maneuver through the gaming area or the hotel. This design will encourage local business growth and easily link visitors to other Springfield attractions, including the MassMutual Center, museums and Symphony Hall.

Will MGM Springfield have an impact on the MassMutual Center?

Our vision is to maximize and enhance Springfield's existing cultural assets including the MassMutual Center. MGM Springfield is planning to develop a partnership between the Massachusetts Convention Center Authority and MGM Resorts International in order to help bring world-class entertainment to Springfield. This strategic partnership would generate significant marketing opportunities for the MassMutual Center and the various events it hosts. We will leverage MGM's unparalleled entertainment connections and relationships to help secure additional world-class acts in the arena.

As part of the host community agreement, based on a memorandum of understanding with the Massachusetts Convention Center Authority, MGM has agreed to be a major sponsor of both the Springfield Falcons hockey team and the Springfield Armor basketball team for at least three years after the proposed casino resort complex opens. MGM also will pay for improvements to the electronic marquee outside the MassMutual Center. MGM will support convention and meeting sales and Springfield Convention and Visitors Bureau marketing efforts at a minimum of $250,000 annually. Furthermore, MGM has pledged to make $250,000 in ticket purchases annually for non-MGM events at the MassMutual Center.

Do you need to purchase additional parcels to move this project forward?

We have under control the majority of land that will be necessary to develop the hotel and gaming area, as well as much of the retail, residential and parking. MGM Springfield owns two land parcel in the proposed development area already, with many others under contract.


How will MGM Springfield impact traffic in downtown and surrounding areas? How will MGM mitigate any impact?

One of the things that makes the MGM Springfield project site so attractive is its incredible highway access. Our development plan is designed to give visitors access from I-91 almost directly into a parking garage some 200 feet from the highway. MGM recognizes that parking is a concern for residents and businesses and we are committed to mitigating traffic impacts that our project may have on the downtown area.

How will MGM Springfield impact accessibility to the downtown area?

MGM is committed to being a good and inviting neighbor in Downtown Springfield. That means creating a positive environment for our new neighbors and visitors. One of the factors to our business success is providing easy access to our facilities. With parking just off the highway, visitors will have easy access to the garage and all of downtown, preventing vehicular congestion on Main Street.

MGM is dedicated to ensuring that the same people who walk and drive downtown today will enjoy an even better experience when our project is completed. Some of the unique elements we are proposing include open pedestrian access and a family-friendly Main Street retail district separate from the gaming area and hotel. In addition, we are excited about conversations we have had with the Pioneer Valley Transit Authority (PVTA) regarding the creation of a trolley system connecting some of Springfield's most prominent sites and cultural institutions.

How would MGM minimize the traffic and environmental impacts of its 3,000+ employees?

MGM will work to minimize the traffic and environmental impacts that its employees will have on the district by using transportation demand management. MGM employees who car pool, walk, bike or use public transportation to go to and from work will receive employee incentives.

Where can the public view MGM's traffic design plan?

MGM's commissioned traffic design plan is publicly available on the City of Springfield's casino website and sets forth in great detail the many measures that MGM will be undertaking to mitigate the additional traffic that will be brought to the site and to improve the existing traffic condition.

If awarded the Western Massachusetts gaming license, how would MGM communicate traffic changes to the public?

MGM would fund a wide spread public information campaign to communicate any changes to traffic patterns. Messaging will be distributed through signage, social media and intelligent transportation and information systems to route traffic to the most appropriate alternative during the construction phase.

If awarded the Western Massachusetts gaming license, would MGM fund traffic improvements described in its traffic plan?

MGM will fund all traffic improvements described in the traffic study and in accordance with the Massachusetts Department of Transportation. Furthermore, all improvements must be completed on a schedule agreed to by the City of Springfield.

Licensing/Permitting Process

What is the process for obtaining a casino license?

As we understand it, the Commonwealth's gaming law calls for a thorough application process that is broken down into two phases. The first phase, which MGM already has responded to, investigates the suitability and the financial well-being of an applicant. The investigation will be run by the Investigation and Enforcement Bureau of the Massachusetts Gaming Commission (MGC), in conjunction with the Massachusetts State Police. All casino developers must be deemed suitable to operate a gaming facility in the Commonwealth before they may proceed with the state application process. Final suitability determination for MGM is not expected until Fall 2013. Applications for gaming licenses currently are due Dec. 31. Once the MGC determines that an applicant can move forward, the second application phase, gives the MGC the opportunity to evaluate proposals on design, overall economic benefit to the Commonwealth and how the applicant proposes to enhance and partner with local businesses. If MGM were to ultimately receive a gaming license, we anticipate that it will take 33 months to construct MGM Springfield.

What is a Host Community Agreement?

It is required by the gaming law that a Host Community Agreement be negotiated between the license applicant (MGM) and the host community (Springfield) to determine conditions for locating a gaming establishment in the community. The law provides that in addition to the increased tax revenue, the agreement shall include a community impact fee for the host community and an understanding of responsibilities between the host community and the applicant.

Has MGM finalized a Host Community Agreement with Springfield?

On May 1, 2013 Bill Hornbuckle, MGM Resorts and MGM Springfield President, along with other members of the MGM Springfield team, joined Mayor Domenic J. Sarno and his advisory team as MGM signed the Host Community Agreement (HCA) that was negotiated between MGM Resorts and the City of Springfield. Mayor Sarno signed the transmittal letter that accompanied the HCA to the Springfield City Council for review.

On May 10, the City Council unanimously ratified the terms of the HCA.

What are some highlights of the Host Community Agreement between MGM and the City of Springfield?

MGM recently finalized the Host Agreement with the City of Springfield. The agreement between the host community and the project developer will serve as the foundation to a long-standing partnership between Springfield and MGM.

The Host Community Agreement calls for MGM Resorts to make upfront and advance payments totaling $15 million to the City of Springfield. The upfront payment will be distributed to the city in installments during the construction phase of the project. When MGM Springfield opens for business, the city will receive in excess of $25 million annually in payments.

A complete copy of the HCA is available at: http://www3.springfield-ma.gov/planning/casino.html

When will Springfield residents get to vote on the MGM proposal?

On July 16, Springfield voters approved, by a vote of 58 to 42 percent, the host community agreement between the City of Springfield and MGM Resorts International. As a result, the MGM agreement was forwarded for consideration by the Massachusetts Gaming Commission pending suitability determination.

What is an Environmental Notification Form (ENF)?

MGM recently filed its ENF to begin the environmental review for MGM Springfield. A complete ENF is required under the Massachusetts Environmental Policy Act (MEPA) for a development that meets or exceeds certain thresholds. The size, scope and location of the MGM Springfield proposal triggers the review. As part of this process MGM team members will meet with government officials in communities surrounding Springfield to begin introducing the environmental discussion. MGM was the first applicant in Western Massachusetts to take this step in the design and entitlement process.

Community Engagement

What is your involvement with the South End Community Center?

MGM is a proud sponsor of the South End Community Center's After School Program. We funded the program with a $50,000 donation. MGM's donation will subsidize half of the program's overall cost for the duration of the school year.

The South End Community Center's After School Program is designed to host school children between six and twelve years of age. The program provides assistance in homework to all of the children on a daily basis and offers educational and recreational activities that help with the overall development of every child serviced in the program.

What is MGM's relationship with the Springfield Falcons?

MGM is a proud sponsor of the Springfield Falcons for the 2012-2013 season. As part of this sponsorship, MGM is donating 1,000 tickets to kids and families that may otherwise not have an opportunity to see the Falcons play. Great hockey has been a tradition in Springfield for more than 70 years and it represents the type of exciting family-oriented entertainment that MGM would like to grow and expand in Springfield. As agreed upon in the HCA, MGM will continue to sponsor the Springfield Falcons for at least 3 years after opening.

What is MGM's relationship with the Springfield Armor?

MGM is proud to help continue the tradition of basketball in Springfield! As a presenting sponsor of the Springfield Armor for the 2012-2013 season, the Armor uniforms feature the MGM Springfield logo, a first for the team and the fourth jersey sponsorship for an NBA Development League team this season. MGM is making a majority of its courtside seats available to local families. MGM is proud to sponsor this local franchise that provides high quality entertainment that MGM hopes to build upon as it highlights Springfield as a world-class leisure and entertainment destination. As agreed upon in the HCA, MGM will continue to sponsor the Springfield Armor for at least 3 years after opening.

Have any neighborhood councils endorsed MGM Springfield?

Yes, MGM Springfield has exclusively been endorsed by several neighborhood councils, they are: The South End Citizens Council, Indian Orchard Citizens Council, Old Hill Neighborhood Council and Maple High Six Corners Neighborhood Council.

Have any Springfield organizations endorsed MGM Springfield?

Yes, the MGM Springfield proposal has received endorsements from the Puerto Rican Cultural Center (PRCC), Rebuilding Together Springfield, and Stone Soul Inc.

Have any Springfield businesses endorsed MGM Springfield?

Yes, the MGM Springfield proposal has received endorsements from the following Springfield businesses: Chef Wayne's Big Mamou; Sal's Bakery; Frigo's; La Fiorentino; Mom and Rico's; Katz and Daogs; Langone's Florist; AC Produce; Optical Expressions; and Palazzo Café.

What is MGM Springfield's relationship with the Greater Springfield Branch of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP)?

MGM Springfield has received the exclusive recommendation of the Greater Springfield Branch of the NAACP as a result of our longstanding commitment to diversity, our strong economic development plan, our record with working with minority-owned vendors and or hiring practices that ensure maximum participation among communities of color.

How do I get information on how to apply for an MGM Springfield donation or sponsorship?

MGM Resorts International is a recognized industry leader in corporate social responsibility. MGM is committed to investing in the fabric of the communities where we operate.

Our community platform features three main programs: our Corporate Giving Program; the MGM Resorts Foundation, which is our employee workplace giving program; and our Employee Volunteer Program. Through these channels, we make financial and in-kind donations, contribute volunteer service and participate in civic and nonprofit organizations that advance the quality of life in our communities.

MGM supports a number of nonprofit agencies and programs that meet the most basic needs of food, shelter, crisis assistance, health and wellness, public education for talent development, environmental sustainability and the cultural arts. A substantial portion of our donations target and serve diverse clients and community segments.

Please contact The MGM Springfield Community Office for more information on sponsorships and how to apply.

MGM Springfield Community Office

Is there a local office where Springfield residents can get information about the MGM Springfield proposal?

The MGM Springfield Community Office is located at 1441 Main Street in Springfield. The MGM Springfield Community Office was opened so neighbors, residents and the local business community could easily come and go while visiting downtown. The community is invited to stop in and learn more about the company and the proposed development in Springfield and get answers to any questions as well as offer any thoughts and suggestions they may have regarding MGM's proposal and the economic benefits it will bring to Springfield.

The MGM Springfield Community Office is open 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. The convenient storefront location allows visitors to stop in throughout the day. Visitor parking is available in the 1441 Main St. parking lot located on Harrison Avenue, directly behind the building.

Social Media Outreach

Is there a social media component to MGM's community outreach campaign?

Yes. In addition to its Community Office, MGM Springfield has a robust internet and social media presence aimed at getting the public involved in the process by educating people about MGM's plans as they evolve and soliciting feedback via its website, Facebook and Twitter.

MGM Springfield's Facebook page has thousands of "Likes." In addition, MGM Springfield has more than 127,000 YouTube views and hundreds of followers on Twitter. MGM is thrilled that social media has enhanced the community's ability to engage in this process and is grateful for all of the feedback and support. MGM looks forward to continuing its online dialogue with residents as well as potential guests and visitors.

Social media allows MGM to get a pulse on the public's real-time reaction to MGM's project. Please join the conversation by visiting MGM Springfield on Facebook at MGM Springfield or following MGM Springfield on Twitter @MGMSpringfield.

Does MGM Springfield have a Spanish language website?

Yes, MGM Springfield recently launched a Spanish-language version of its website. Spanish speakers can go to www.mgmspringfield.com/es/ to get all the up to date information regarding the MGM Springfield project, including career opportunities and a "share your thoughts" section.

MGM Resorts International

What makes MGM a unique employer and community partner?

MGM believes that to truly be successful Springfield's renaissance must embrace and promote the city's strong, diverse community. And it just so happens that diversity is a cornerstone of our corporate mission. Our dedication, commitment and experience in this area will be visible throughout our MGM Springfield vision. We are a company deeply committed to cultivating and supporting a diverse, socially responsible workforce and community. For the past seven years, MGM has been recognized by Diversity Inc. as an industry-leader in diversity best practices. MGM diversity initiatives provide employment opportunity and training for minorities as well as emphasize diversity in its community and supply partners. Notably, in 2011, MGM's minority employees represented more than half of its workforce and the company spent $155 million in biddable goods and services with Minority, Women and Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (MWBDE), suppliers and contractors. MGM was excited to announce in 2012 that its Supplier Diversity Program now also includes businesses owned by veterans, disabled and lesbian, gay and bisexual or transgender (LGBT) individuals. MGM believes that its diversity initiatives strengthen its workforce and its network of business partners by reflecting the strengths of its diverse community. MGM looks forward to drawing on the diverse strengths of Springfield's people and businesses as we rebuild together.

Will the project be environmentally friendly?

Yes. The design and management of MGM Springfield will meet the highest standards and accreditations of a world-class sustainable resort. MGM is widely recognized as a global leader in sustainability and environmental stewardship. For example, Newsweek Magazine has rated MGM among the Greenest of the Green hotel companies and the Greenest Resort and Casino Company. From our longstanding commitment to sustainable design and construction principles to our innovative conservation and waste management efforts, MGM believes that environmental sustainability and superior guest experiences are a critical piece to providing world-class hospitality and entertainment.

In today's challenging economy, is MGM in a financial position to make a significant investment in Springfield?

MGM is a well-capitalized company with strong access to the capital markets and a proven track record of successfully developing and financing large scale resorts. As of June 30 2012, MGM had more than $1 billion of cash and cash equivalents (excluding MGM China) and another $855 million in available borrowings under our credit facility.

Given that you propose to spend nearly $1B on this project, do you feel confident that such a development here in Springfield can generate the level of interest to support a project of that scale?

MGM is a multinational, publically-traded Fortune 500 company with extensive experience in the gaming and entertainment business and is accountable to its investors. Our decision to invest in Springfield is based on our vast world-wide experience in developing projects as well as an informed conclusion that MGM can build a world-class resort and entertainment district in Springfield while also earning a return for its investors.

What is the long-term financial outlook for MGM?

MGM has successfully managed its finances despite the challenging economy and has taken advantage of opportunities including lower interest rates to improve its bottom line.

The company has significant liquid assets to meet its current obligations and is well positioned to access financial markets for future growth.

Will local universities offer training courses for the potential casino workforce?

A well-trained workforce is our best workforce. MGM Springfield is excited about partnering with a statewide consortium of community colleges to develop casino career training programs. The training program will also feed four-year schools, like the Hospitality and Tourism Management program at UMass Amherst. MGM intends to work with the consortium's Western Massachusetts branch led by Holyoke Community College and Springfield Technical Community College to ensure that the city and the region have the resources necessary to compete in this new marketplace.

MGM has a solid history of partnering with local universities and colleges to offer courses dedicated to the gaming industry, culinary arts and hospitality services. For example, in Nevada we have had a successful relationship with UNLV and the Community College of Southern Nevad

In Michigan we partnered with Wayne County Community College and Schoolcraft College.

What is the current status of MGM's casino license in New Jersey? Does MGM continue to have a relationship with Pansy Ho?

In February 2013, the New Jersey Casino Control Commission (NJCCC) and the state Division of Gaming Enforcement agreed to allow MGM to begin the reapplication process under which MGM would be permitted to return to Atlantic City as a fully qualified casino licensee and regain control of its 50 percent stake in the Borgata Hotel Casino and Spa.

This ruling came four years after the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement issued a report to the state's Casino Control Commission regarding the association between MGM MIRAGE (now MGM Resorts International) and Pansy Ho in Macau. The division recommended that Ms. Ho be found unsuitable as a business partner because of potential influence on her by her father, Dr. Stanley Ho. Pansy Ho is a highly accomplished, globally recognized businesswoman who is a minority shareholder of MGM China, the publicly traded company that owns the MGM Macau.

MGM disagreed with the division's findings in 2009, however rather than engage in an antagonistic process with a regulatory body, the company decided to place its share of the Borgata Hotel Casino and Spa in a trust.

No other casino regulatory jurisdiction has taken a similar position regarding MGM's association with Ms. Ho or taken any adverse action with respect to that association. As detailed in MGM's recent petition to the NJCCC, circumstances have changed materially in the nearly four years since the division's report, rendering moot the vast majority of concerns raised. MGM looks forward to participating in the reapplication process, demonstrating its ongoing integrity to the New Jersey Commission and eventually reentering the New Jersey market.